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Not Very Good At Updates – Check Facebook!

Hi there, friends I needed to update the site and noticed that I had not posted a Blog since, well, 2016! 2017 was our second year of operation and I guess I just got so busy that I never revisited the blog. For shame! But to be perfectly honest I spent most of 2017 sharing float-related posts to our facebook page. I also update Instagram quite regularly. You can visit both at float los alamos. So, 2nd year complete. It was another good year and we continue to meet the community needs. We’re happy to announce that in 2017 we had a good monsoon season so people floated when it was cold and rainy. We had hoped for that in year one, but it was hot. Then we had a good winter. Now, 2017 into 2018 it has been cold but no snow! People still float, but we definitely seen an uptick when it’s cold and snowy outside. We really do need the moisture. I guess that’s it. Like I mentioned we put alot of media up on our and we share float feedback on We also update the facebook page on the fly so you’ll find the most up-to-date info there including closures. We’re still a two-person family crew with no employees. And we have an active 7-year-old. Closures do happen. We’re very sorry but we’re hoping we can add a part-time employee in the future. Keep floating with us and we’ll get there! ūüėČ No pressure. Take care now, Carlos

Nearly A Year

Hi there, float friends

Float Los Alamos has been open nearly a year (November 27th!) and we wanted to get our blog up and reflect on the past year. Floating is weird. We get that it’s out of the ordinary. And let me tell you, the experience of running a float center is just as strange. A good weird and strange, but we’re stoked to have opened and brought the experience of floatation therapy to Los Alamos!

We’re happy to report that we’ve been on par to meet our projections and keep the doors open. Most people in the Los Alamos community are aware that many local businesses open and close, they come and go. It’s a sad state of affairs. We can say with confidence that we will survive our first year! We’ve had a warm reception from the local and surrounding communities and many people have taken to floating, yet there are plenty more who have still not even heard about us. We’ll to continue to work on community outreach so people can hopefully discover the goodness of floating. In short, floating is whatever you want it to be. Some people float for stress relief, and others for pain management. The benefits cross over, and so often times we see that people who came in to float for pain relief leave feeling like they have been able to displace some psychological baggage and now feel better about their situation. ¬†Floating can help both body and mind.

In this first year, we’ve had ups and we’ve had downs, but fortunately more ups than downs! We had a slower summer than we would have liked, but that usually happens in this industry as people leave town for vacations and enjoy the outdoors. ¬†We’ve had the occasional issue (usually a small plumbing leak) with a float pod/tank but we’ve been able to remedy the situation quickly. ¬†We’ve got some wicked good plumber’s skills now. We’ve also had some Central Avenue street work to deal with (water being turned off; big-wheel construction vibration noise!), but we recovered. And we added some retails items as requested by our floaters. We now carry doTERRA essential oils, a local’s favorite skincare line called Ardeo ( means “glow”, which oddly enough is the descriptor we use when people emerge from their floats! Most everyone has a post-float glow!) and, of course, a myriad of CBD or Cannabidiol oil products. CBD is a non-psychoactive substance distilled from the industrial hemp plant that can help with a variety of ailments. For us, we use it to manage anxiety and stress. ¬†It’s a really cool substance and we’re the only carrier in the county. ¬†You absolutely must try a honey stick! And it has to be said that we like our landlord (truly a hero as he let us cut his concrete and run the plumbing when others would not!) and neighbors as well as our location. Overall, things are good and we can’t really complain.

Like we said, things have been going as we projected and people¬†who have tried floating come out feeling floaty and report happiness with their float experience.¬†We’re very happy with things so far. However, we would like to repeat that the goal of opening a float center in Los Alamos was to always give back to the community and try to help people feel good. Having been born and raised in Los Alamos, I’ve wanted to open a business here for some time. ¬†I was tired of watching business after business close. What to open? I didn’t quite know, and then I discovered floating and wanted to share with others. I am well aware that floating is a new maintenance therapy and that there is a big education piece, but I felt that floating would fit well in this community. Los Alamos can be a stressful place, and we wanted to offer floating as a means to manage stress, anxiety and depression. In addition, as a case manager for the last decade, I’ve seen a multitude of chronic disease that responds well to floating. I wanted to offer people who have been managing Fibromyalgia, arthritis, high blood pressure and other chronic ailments with aches and pains a route to better mind and body management. Many of these people want to explore an alternative way to manage their ailments and want to try to reduce their dependence on medications as well. Floating often fills this niche, and people often respond well to regular floating. ¬†No lie, we’ve had one floater who has been with us since the beginning manage her Fibromyalgia by floating 2x/week and successfully ween herself off of her narcotic medications (with doctor assistance). Amazing breakthrough and one of many stories we could tell about chronic disease management by floating. And, lastly, I wanted to ensure that people of all walks of life could float regularly at a reasonable price. ¬†The more you float, the cheaper each float is…and the better you’ll feel! We’ve got packages and membership tiers to fit most everyone’s budget. We know we’re not going to make gobs of money doing this, but that is not why we opened the center. Call it naivete, but we call it a new way of doing business. We don’t need to make a ton of money to help people. ¬†Floating is a gift to everyone.

We certainly hope you’ve enjoyed floating with us over the past year. If you haven’t yet, maybe this is a good time to book a float. We still offer a 2-for-1, Buy One, Get One free float deal for each new floater (non-transferable). ¬†Floating is best understood after 3 proximal floats. We understand the weirdness of the first float, but once you’ve tried something once you often get used to it, you’re over the hump, and each subsequent float is different and rewarding. As always, you may book online at ¬†You setup your own account and manage your floats from there. You may also call us, 505.695.9234 and we’ll book you in. Walk-ins are harder to accommodate ¬† but we can try; we’re located at 927 Central Avenue, same shopping plaza as where the MVD and Rio Grande Travel are located.

We wish you all the best and hope to you see at your neighborhood float center. ¬†Here’s to another year of happy and rewarding floats!

Carlos Casias, owner