Hi there, friends I needed to update the site and noticed that I had not posted a Blog since, well, 2016! 2017 was our second year of operation and I guess I just got so busy that I never revisited the blog. For shame! But to be perfectly honest I spent most of 2017 sharing float-related posts to our facebook page. I also update Instagram quite regularly. You can visit both at float los alamos. So, 2nd year complete. It was another good year and we continue to meet the community needs. We’re happy to announce that in 2017 we had a good monsoon season so people floated when it was cold and rainy. We had hoped for that in year one, but it was hot. Then we had a good winter. Now, 2017 into 2018 it has been cold but no snow! People still float, but we definitely seen an uptick when it’s cold and snowy outside. We really do need the moisture. I guess that’s it. Like I mentioned we put alot of media up on our facebook.com/floatlosalamos and we share float feedback on instagram.com/floatlosalamos. We also update the facebook page on the fly so you’ll find the most up-to-date info there including closures. We’re still a two-person family crew with no employees. And we have an active 7-year-old. Closures do happen. We’re very sorry but we’re hoping we can add a part-time employee in the future. Keep floating with us and we’ll get there! 😉 No pressure. Take care now, Carlos