Pre-float Preparation:

  • Please reschedule your float if you have had hair color/treatment within the last 2 weeks. The shower water should run clear before you book your float. Check your towel after you shower; if no color on it, you should be good to go.
  • Please do not shave before you float. Small nicks and cuts will be distracting and susceptible to a minor salt sting. But fret not, we do have petroleum jelly for you to apply to scrapes and cuts beforehand.
  • Please take out your contacts before you float. Salt in the eyes can be very uncomfortable and even more so if you have contacts in.
  • Please try not to eat or drink just before your float. You’ll want to eat a light meal 1-2 hours beforehand. Floating is best if your body is not digesting food and drink.
  • Please avoid caffeine and other stimulants, like smoking, before you float. You don’t want to induce an excitable state.
  • Please go to the restroom before you float. You’ll want to avoid this distraction.

Your Float:

Arrive, relax. You don’t need to bring anything. You don’t need to do anything. We’ll go over our basic operation and answer any questions you may have.
Float Los Alamos

Once you’ve entered your float room, please undress completely and shower thoroughly. Do your best to get off hair products and body oils. Yes, you float naked, but in your own private room. Please use towel to dry off your face and in and around your ears.

Put in the provided ear plugs, take a deep breath and enter your floatation tank. Close the door and turn off the light. Lay down on your back with your head resting near the rear of the tank. You will float. No matter what. Just relax and let the hyper-salty solution support your weight. Don’t fight the gravity, just let go. Float with your arms raised overhead, palms facing up (recommended) or resting on your chest or belly. We suggest you try a few arm positions to find your comfort zone.

It may take you some time to settle. This is normal. This is likely the first time you’ve been completely by yourself. Truly by yourself. You want to try to reduce your movement to complete stillness. In the beginning, you may drift to one side or the other and touch the tank siding; if so, gently press off with a finger’s touch, find the center of tank and return to stillness. If you feel cool, reduce your movements so the water immediately around your body acclimates to your body temperature.

Use your breath to quiet your mind and relax your body. Take deep, long breaths and settle into the floating experience. Sets of 5 breaths usually helps.  You will naturally find a comfortable space. Your breath can be used throughout the experience to find balance and comfort.

When your session is over you will hear music fade in underwater to ease you out of your float. Take a moment to gather yourself before sitting up. Turn on the light and carefully exit the tank. Be mindful of your first step as floor may be wet.

Rinse off your body thoroughly, and don’t forget to rinse around your ears! Get dressed and join us in the reception area for a tea and to bask in your post-float glow! Floating is best understood after 3 floats so we highly encourage booking your next float in the next 2 weeks.


— Please respect our facility. Please shower before your float as we need to reduce extraneous body oils, creams, etc. Please do not voluntarily release bodily fluids of any kind. Contamination of the float tank water may result in an Epsom salt replacement fee of up to $1,000.  —